Earth and Life Science Series: Oceans


For Ages: 6 – 9 Years
Curriculum: New Zealand
Format: Ebook
ISBN: 978 186 397 344 1
View sample: RENZ4048_sample-Earth & Life Series Oceans


The Earth and Life Science Series is designed to provide teachers of junior primary with a set of materials that will give students a more rounded and scientific understanding of the world around them. Earth and Life Science Series: Oceans approaches the main theme of oceans from two aspects:

  • By including sets of resource notes that provide background knowledge to the activities presented on the worksheet. These notes can be photocopied and used by children as they attempt the activity page, and their use will allow teachers to relate the class science program to the language program.
  • By requiring children to use traditional print related reference materials to complete the set tasks on the sheets. Tasks in this section are of a more general nature but children will find them as stimulating and interesting as those in the first section, particularly when combined with a science investigation theme.

Author: Judy Gabrovec


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